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Hello my beloved people !! This is a short story about me . Well , let's start with my name which given by my beloved mother and father :) Nurul Fauqiah bte Mohd Razikin . One of PTPL student . 20 is my currently age :D Ohhmmmgeee ! i can't believe it . Look older than my age . yeah that's what people thought of me . If u spell it wth two fucking , i'll ignore your stupid ass . and im probably the most amazing girl u've ever meet . So what ;p Taman Rakan nerby Sg.Long is where my house located . Yeah i know u guys are saying this "EEE rempit banyak" . Listen here . I dont give a damn on what you guys want to say cause im not born in a wealthy family and yes i grown up here , i felt in a big longkang here , but i have a great friend here like aween , eyka , mal ,aten , amalina , shasah & myra . Almost everyday we lepak together . So yes , Im happy living here with them and my family . To those rempits "hello" haha . Yes , i got bad attitude . I dont need to try to be someone im not . I've the beautiful love of friends . I can be your lady in public but im not yours . Hmm im lack of idea so toodles ! :D


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