All The Things I Love About You

4:39 PM

I love youu for the warm ,
sweet affection in your eyes
whenever youu look at me ,
& the special smile
youu save only for me .
I love tht youu always seek
to have your body close to mine ,
reaching out to touch ,
to hold my hand ,
to wrap your arms around me .
I love how youu show me youu care
by looking for ways
to make my life easier & more comfortable.
I love that when I ask youu to do things ,
youu try to do them
instead of thinking me demanding .
I love that your favorite place is near me ,
that you’d rather be with me
than anywhere else .
I love youu for more reasons
than ths page has space to write ,
so I’ll try to tell youu && show youu in person
all the things I love about you.


keyya | 25th | Danial's
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