Chillin' Falls

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Hey there , today i want to share bout some places that very interesting for you guys out there to chill , hangout and etc . Have u ever heard bout Chillin' FallsThe Chillin' Falls are probably the most beautiful waterfalls of Selangor. They can be reached after an adventurous trek along the river, which has to be crossed many times. To reach the trail head, you take the road from Kuala Kubu Baru to the Gap. After passing the Selangor Dam, you cross the bridge on the Chiling river. Just after this bridge you can park you car. Follow the road for about 100 meter, the trail head is clearly indicated. Soon you will arrive an open field beside the river, with some buildings and a campsite, maintained by the Fisheries department.

The first river crossing is by means of a recently constructed suspension bridge. Strict rules have been introduced: after the bridge camping, fishing, making fires, etc is no more allowed. A good idea, in the past several fatal accidents have occured with flash-flooding. Hopefully the rangers will be able to maintain the place. The trail is clear and follows the river, but you have to cross the river five more times. So you must be prepared to get wet feet and probably more . Kampung Adidas are very useful here. After rainfall the water level can reach until your waist and the current can be strong. Take care, especially with children.

After trekking for about one and a half hour, the river makes a right-turn and suddenly you will see the lower waterfall. A quite spectacular reward. It is a powerful fall with a large pool. Lots of fish, which like to nibble your feet ;) BTW there are two more falls. You reach them, by scrambling up the steep slope, just before the last river crossing. You will pass another waterfall (not accessible) before you reach the third waterfall. This place is much quieter than the lower fall and very well suited for a relaxed picnic. But we can't take it anymore so we didnt go for that .

p/s : he is our cameraman for that day ;D

lots of love , Keyya Razikin's

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