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hi , hello , hye , hey , oit , olla , assalamualaikum and good morning to my beloved reader ( ade ke reader aku nih ) lantak lah keya SS pun oke gak :p pejam celik pejam celik dah 5 bulan dah rupenye aku menjalankan tugas sbg pelajar dan pekerja yg sgt berdedikasi (dedikasi ke ? tak kot :P) di Zaufan Travel & Tours ni . there's a lof of stuff that i learn during my prctical month. i learn a lot how to deal with customer , how to made a booking ticket , how to create a travel package wth or w/o ticket flight and so many more .big thanks to En.Halif a.ka my big boss and his wife Noor Erwin a.k.a my head of department :). act today is my last day im doing my practical here so means i've got lots of work waiting for me to finish them up . haaaa what i mean is the report and presentation lah . dah lah pihak kolej bg mase one week je kot , ntah sempat ke tidak na anta hot stamp and binding nih . i'allah sempat kot , go Keyya go :D 


oke , enough with practical part and now is movie review time lahh ! heee act dah lame gile kot tgok all ths movie but baru today terdetik (gara-gara anuar zain lah ni) na share ngan u'ols sume ! oke first movie is :-

oke , cite ni sgt best and most of the soundtrack are superb . im oready addicted to all the song !! uuuuuuuu and Cam Gigandet super hot sexy and i want his cookies lol :p Soory Zac Efron and Paul Wesley , he beat you guys :D

sape sape yg ta tengok lg movie ni , haa ape lg pergi cepat ! source code !!  jalan cerite dye mmg menarik , korg mesti tertanya sape yg terrorist and stevens ni hidup lg ke ta . seriusly cite ni mmg interesting sgt , and even he know that he not in reality life but he still want to save all the passenger and of course that sweet Christina . but sadly Christina only see him as Sean Fetress not Steven . 

hohoho Sucker Punch , the movie that i think is one of the best fictional type of movie(i don't know if this is right) cite ni mmg sangatsangat weirdooooooooooo ! act ta phm pun jalan cite dye but part action & graphic dye mmg top notch lah. i love all the characters in ths movie esp Baby Doll and Amber ! they superb hottie !

lots of love , Keyya Razikin's

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