My Super Sweeet 21st

1:41 PM

holaaa holaaa , im 21st now & people said that when you reach 21st , you got a key . its mean that im legal for anything , hoyeahhh hoyeahhh :D thank youu and thank youuu for those who wishes me for my birthday , my happiness and my life :') i love youu guys

this one is from atenzhah , thank youu sayang for everything ! 
for being such a great friend to me since 2007 ! 
about ur post "na mkn nasi minyak cepat² " , haaa sila bersabar ye :p 
i love youu ♥ 

and this one from may darling miyya :D 
you're kind too ! that so sweet for what you did to me :') 
i love youu too baby

syafiqah roslan @ cipiqa , thank youu yah sygs ! 
i want present from youuu :p hikhikhik 
seriusly why did youu use my oldish pic , grrrr menyirappp . 
btw i love youuu

haaa , this one pulak is from my classmate amy @ ayuu :p 
i want a real cupcake oke , not from baking life or google picture ( demand :D ) ,
 thank youu yayang . i love youu too

oke enough for this , now let me stoli-moli about my 21st celebration . on 19th June 2011 @ 00.00 am , my baby accompany with his cousin ridhwan came to my house and surprise me with a cute chocolate cake ! my mom told me that she act already bersubahat with him . hee :D but his surprise ta berapa na menjadi lah bcoz i kept calling him on that night , sorry baby :( but seriously im so happy on that night ! thank youu love !! 

then on the afternoon , i planned for went out with my love and shzn . we supposed went to Jalan Kenanga but then that place was closed on Sun . so the three of us decide to went to Midvalley . while on MV , its the usual for both of us ,shzn and me when we reached MV we would do our'window shopping routine', and then my baby went to the toilet .he went to the toilet for a freakin long time. during my window shopping on this one earing store someone closed my eyes and when i turned around its aten ,azza and their friend.­ ­ we went to kenny rogers for our lunch, and again my baby went missing . during our order , suddenly there is a cake in front of me . when i look to my left i saw my baby, my bestie mal and her bf amy!! seriously i dont know anything bout this . thank you guys ! thank you so muchh ! and nadiaa a big thanks to you ,though ur so busy with ur work u still have a lil a bit of time to spend with me­ ­ & celebrate my birthday . love youu :D

lots of love , Keyya Razikin's

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