My Bestfriend is MARRIED :')

2:04 PM

ohhemgeee , like seriously i cant believe that my bestfriend is married now . the one who i hugs and sleep together , the one who want to finished my food if i cant finish it , the one who love to 'sendawa' everytime she finish her meal , the one who lough very loud , the one that i love so much . she is NUR SYAFIQAH BT MOHAMED ROSLAN , born on 12 Nov 1990 . she choose 11.11.11 for her big day . im really happy for her because finally she meet her PRINCE CHARMING :')

p/s : Cipiqa , when Amin said all those word and you are officially him , inside me i feel something different , something that very touched , im crying because i just feel that i've lost my girl . but i know we still cn hangout right . i love you and im happy for you ;')

lots of love , Keyya Razikin's

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