holla holla holla !

11:11 AM

holla eberyone ! wow , there to many dust in here . i guess its mean long time i didnt spent my time here like i used to be kan (sambil lap2 habuk , ecehhh) . nahh , im quiet busy la for the past 10 months . i quit my job oready and pursue my degree at MSU as Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management ! so degree life is a challenging for myself because i've got my target which is i want reach the DL (Dean List) target . and as i know today result will be reveal ! im nervous like my throat gonna explode. and wait , im finally have a niece my cute little princess ! shes 3 and half month now ! Present it Nur Adriana Batrisyia binti Mohd Fahmi ! she is adorable right !

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